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This is not a remade kimono dress, but a new design that combines a kimono and a dress.

The perfect dress created from Zero with you

Mrs. of the Year World 2023

"Mrs. of the Year World 2023" was held at the Hotel New Otani. Finalist Miyuki Ato competed in the competition wearing a custom 2-way national costume made by Atsu Nishikawa.

[Introducing a new Japanese dress]

Ange <Shiromuku Dress> ~A dress woven with traditional Japanese culture~ A shiromuku dress with a blue ocean wave pattern and a flying crane pattern, one of Japan's traditional auspicious patterns, is made into a dress with a platinum sash. The crane is a symbol of good fortune and longevity, and the flying crane pattern depicts a beautiful crane with pure white feathers and a noble posture in flight. The blue ocean wave pattern is imbued with "the wish for a peaceful life and eternity in the gentle waves that stretch out endlessly."

Customer Comments NEWS

Momoyo Kiyomiya's national costume for the world championships Mrs. Universe 2021 and FACE of ASIA 2022 were postponed until this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Momoyo Kiyomiya's national costume for the world championships as Japan's representative @momoyo_seimiya was created after many meetings and fittings! She was the first Japanese to enter the TOP 10 at FACE of ASIA. Congratulations! The design was inspired by the Japanese clothing of the twelve-layered kimono, kamishimo, and armor, and was finished with several types of obi to express Japan. The address below is an Instagram post from the day.

和ドレス ミセスユニバース2021

Actress Keiko Takeshita, who appeared as a narrator in the performance of "Iwami Kagura" at the National Theatre Large Theatre, looked beautiful in a traditional Japanese dress that perfectly matched the image of the stage.


Atsu Nishikawa, who has been working on sustainable initiatives such as making dresses from recycled kimonos, created a completely custom-made organic dress for Minako Aikawa. The types of organic cotton fabrics available on the market are very limited, with only two or three options. With such limited materials and more restrictions on design patterns than usual, Atsu Nishikawa created the dress through a lot of trial and error. As a result, an elegant pale pink dress was completed using organic cotton fabric with two certification marks, OEKO-TEX® and Organic Content Standard. It is comfortable to wear, functional, and environmentally and socially friendly, and it really exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much to Nishikawa for creating it within the limited time.



Anonymous Mother of the Bride A lovely kimono dress for the mother of the bride "The kimono dress you made was well received by the guests and staff alike, and we received many compliments on it, which made us really happy! We'd like to express our gratitude once again for making my mother's keepsake kimono look so beautiful! I'm sure my late mother would have been very happy!" Congratulations. We are very honored to have been able to make such an emotional kimono dress that can carry your mother's feelings and be worn at your daughter's wedding.

オーダー 卒業式 謝恩会 パーティー 社交界 成人式 二次会 和ドレス 着物ドレス

Atelier Information

Atsu Nishikawa


​305 Hiroo Rokkokan, 5-15-25 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL : 03-6409-6996

Closed: Irregular holidays

Business hours: 11:00-20:00 (reservations required)


○1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hiroo Station

○15 minutes walk from JR/Subway Ebisu Station

◇Along Gaien Nishi Street

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